Hi! I’m Karina


I’m grateful you’ve landed on my site:)

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a teacher. It’s simply always made sense for me to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned if I think it might make a difference for others. This desire led me to get my B.S. in Education and Counseling from the University of Vermont, including a teaching certificate. As much as I love young people, a few years teaching 6th grade in a middle school forever taught me I’m not cut out to work in a school system.

Always a traveler and student of the world, I made my way from Vermont to San Francisco with a girlfriend in the 1980’s (think Thelma and Louise with a happy ending)!

A friend from UVM invited me to the EST training, which was my first exposure to the world of personal development. Having my eyes opened to learning things I hadn’t known I hadn’t known was sort of like learning to ride a bicycle…there was no going back! Thus I found myself on a path quite foreign to my New England upbringing. The requirement and values that had been instilled in me was for a formal education, and that education would  conceivably lead to a fulfilling, high paying career, though money wasn’t talked about.

Eager to continue my quest for knowledge “outside the box”, led me to my first introduction to something called “tantra intimacy” in my mid 30’s. That night I can only describe my powerful experience as an epiphany. I was in a heap on the floor sobbing, feeling a combination of grief and joy; grief at what I hadn’t known was possible in terms of intimacy, and joy at what I might be able to have moving forward. Little did I know how that fateful evening would shift the trajectory of my life! Hungry for more information and experiences, I dove in to become the sales and marketing person for the little group, which afforded me entrance into subsequent classes. I’d found my people.

Meanwhile, I had to make a living, and not being cut out to be an employee meant I’d have to make something up! An entrepreneur since my first lemonade stand in 4th grade, and always being called “my little clothes horse” by my mom who was an artist and interior designer, led me to initiate my image consulting business. It started by taking a guy friend shopping, as he was handsome and a terrible dresser! Clad in the wonderful outfits I’d chosen for him he went on a business trip and family visit. Upon his return he took this then 30 year old to the fanciest restaurant I’d ever been to and told me how he felt like his life had transformed. I told a few of my other guys I knew about that and they all hired me to take them shopping. I couldn’t believe I was being paid to shop! And thus my image consulting career began.

That first intro to tantra, led to meeting my now former husband Billy at an event within that community. That first pivotal evening had me make a  decision to marry someone who shared my goals for deep intimate, connections.

Billy and I spent almost two decades together and remain dear friends to this day. I’m thrilled to be stepmom to his son, and grammy to his two adorable little grandsons.

In 2000, Billy and I bought a property in Sonoma County, where we lived for a decade. We’d chosen the house because it would support our desire to host not for profit events as well as workshops, and of course great parties:) I attended the Coach’s Training Institute and started my life coaching practice, with a focus on relationships.

A couple of years after we moved in Men, Sex, & Money® was created in response to a request from the daughter of a dear friend. A brilliant 22 year old woman, she had just graduated Stanford and would soon be heading off to attain an MBA. After a long conversation about life and love, she asked if she might spend more time with me, as she found me easy to talk to about "relationship stuff", admitting that she was a “mess”. Delighted for the opportunity to mentor this lovely young woman, I suggested she invite some of her friends. 

In preparation for the weekend we planned a few weeks out, I donned my school teacher hat to design the curriculum that I felt might make the biggest difference for these young women. 

All heterosexual, I knew they needed to understand the differences between men and women, and how to most effectively communicate. Plus, , they needed to know about sex and all things intimate including their anatomy, what they found pleasurable, and how to best communicate their desires. Plus, given they were just beginning their adult lives which would presumably include having a family, they needed to get clear about money, and how to discuss money and lifestyle choices with the men they'd be dating and potentially committing to long term. 

I put on my lesson plan hat, and planned a weekend workshop. Nine lovely, brilliant women join me at my home in Sonoma County, CA from a Friday through Sunday evening. 

Thus Men, Sex, & Money® was born.

As I’ve recently entered into the latter part of my 60’s, I’m aware of a new sense of urgency to be deliberate and mindful, in all I do. Clearly there is more of my life behind me than ahead of me.

My coaching practice over the past two decades, has been primarily focused on intimacy and relationship issues, working with both individuals .and couples.


I am excited to shift my focus to facilitating Midlife Makeovers in the two areas I know best:

Style and Relationships.

I offer individual and group programs, addressing the issues we find ourselves in midlife, approaching our elder years. This includes how we can come to terms and let go of past regrets, clear the slate, and to then design a life better than we can imagine. 

Though my focus is primarily working with divorced or widowed women over 50, I also assist women in committed partnerships who long to reignite the passion that’s been long gone.

And yes, I will happily work with men, though my groups are for women.

I'm committed to being kind and direct, setting an example for how to clarify and then honestly express our desires to our partners and potential partners. One of my favorite sayings is, "When in communication, anything is possible".  My goal is to empower each of you to be your authentic, unadulterated self. I integrate my foundation as a credentialed teacher with over two decades providing image makeovers and relationship coaching for men, women, as well as couples. I believe the biggest sex organ is the brain, thus true intimacy depends upon the ability to be honest - starting with ourselves. 

Whether working one on one with me, or in an ongoing group, the magic and transformation happens over time. 

All my programs are designed as a confidential container for women with varying - yet similar - life stories to meet, to share, to laugh, to cry, to drop in deeply with one another over time. 

While most sessions will be conducted virtually over Zoom, plans are in the works to meet in person in a retreat later in the year. And for those of you who live in close proximity to me here in Boulder, Colorado or to one another in other places, there will be opportunities to connect in person.

During our time together we will let go and grieve what is no longer in our lives, clear our slates of the past, which makes room to create beautiful, fulfilling lives even better than we could have imagined, all with the love and support of this new tribe we'll create together. 

My response to people asking what I do, including the question “are you a therapist or something?” is:

I'm a facilitator, an educator and a trained coach. Sometimes I call myself a concierge, as I have a cadre of resources gleaned from over 40 years of personal development with a wide variety of schools and disciplines.

My superpower is to take the salient points from many teachers, combine them with my relationship experience both personally and with the many clients I've worked with over the past three decades. 

My content combines my own relationship experience including both the 18 year relationship with my former husband, the dating I did in my twenties and thirties, along with my current experience dating and relating now, in sixties including and deep personal development I've engaged in for four decades, my insight and genuine desire to serve, combined with being direct, compassionate and relatable, combine to offer my clients and online community an opportunity to laugh at and love themselves more than ever before.

I’m most interested in how your intimate relationships are going…and at what might be possible.


I’d be happy to jump on a call to discover how I might be of service to you.


Karina   🌹