Shopping Tips for Plus Size Women

plus plus size style tips women Mar 24, 2024

When it comes to shopping for clothing, are you tired of frumpy, ill-fitting and uncomfortable options?


Just because you have some extra weight doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel sexy and sassy! And, if like so many of us, you might be starting over after divorce and getting ready to get back into the dating world; all the more reason to pay attention to what will look and feel best


Here are some shopping tips to keep in mind!


Some estimates put the number of women who wear a size 14 or larger at about half of the female American population.

With so much buying power, it would seem that manufacturers would cater to full-figured women. Instead, the laundry list of complaints from the over-14 consumer keeps growing.

Have you ever thought the following?

"I have a picture in my head of what I want to buy when I'm shopping. Why is it I can only find something sort of close in a size 4

Add these complaints: A dearth of updated styles, shoddy workmanship, few high-end labels and a general lack of respect from industry leaders like fashion editors and buyers. (Ex: Vogue editor Anna Wintour told Newsweek that she'd "have a problem with" a fashion editor working for her that weighed 250 pounds).

And the strange thing is that real-size women like model Emme (size 14) are labeled plus size, even though they actually represent the average woman according to recent demographics.

Online merchants and catalogs have answered some of the shopping needs for plus sizes. is an excellent cyberstore; junior resources like Girlfriends LA, and casual clothes from Gap (up to size 20) are also good stops.

Tips: Go for monochromatic or tonal dressing; use bright colors and textures to show off the best part of your figure (bust, legs, waist, etc. –Think figure flattery! Choose items that fit closely rather than too tight or baggy. Wear accessories in scale with your body rather than wearing items that are too dainty. Stay updated with the styles. Consider checking out the junior department for a few more trendy, sassy items. 

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