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business image consulting style tips testimony Feb 04, 2024

It’s hard to believe that this month May marks the 32nd anniversary of the start of my image consulting business. I have dressed all sizes and shapes of women and men ranging in age from 12 to 87. After my mom passed, I took my 50 something widowed dad shopping for his first pair of jeans, a few sweaters for dating, and insisted he trade in the station wagon for a more contemporary sedan. I’ve found myself praying for items to fit women who carried in excess of 100 extra pounds, and taught skinny men how to dress such that they look more substantial. I’ve cajoled conservative people into taking risks with color and styles they never would have considered, and dressed one business man for a meeting with President Clinton in the oval office. I have always delighted in hearing the “after” stories of how my clients are perceived. 


Here’s a lovely testimonial from a client I worked with awhile back. A writer and producer, she’d spent a couple of decades focused on raising children, and was ready to step into her new, lovely self:

Dear Karen,

I am grateful for the exquisite role you played in my "coming of age" process. For months I felt disconnected from how I was presenting myself in the world. I mostly noticed what clothes didn’t fit anymore, or seemed too young for my age (57) or in some way felt outdated to an emerging sense of myself. I am grateful for the wisdom that I’ve gained over the years and wanted my style to reflect something true about me, congruent with who I had become. I hadn’t realized how vulnerable that process would be. To consider my new style I had to really reflect on who I am, and who I want to be!

Somehow you created a safe, fun space to explore colors, feelings, images and experiences and left me with a wardrobe that celebrates authentically and with great style the woman I had become, and want to reflect in the world.

Thanks to you, I have a range of professional, cozy, sexy, casual, elegant attire, with accessories that multiply the options for each garment. I feel contemporary and "put together" and I love how responsive people have been….everywhere from : "What’s different about you?” to “Wow! Where did you get THAT?!?!?”

My husband is unabashed in his delight. He is enjoying my look, my confidence, and my comfort.  At the end of one day recently he said, “You and Karen really accomplished your goal of finding beautiful ways for you to express yourself.”

 For that, and the sweet fun of our time together, my sincere thanks.

I hope you are thriving and that you feel the satisfaction of a job really well done!


I am thrilled to know she’s so happy. We exchanged emails recently, and she told me she’d still getting mileage out of many of the items she invested in those several years ago. I’m still smiling.

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