Proven Ways to Be Irresistible in

Midlife and Beyond

It's not too late to honor who you’ve been, who you’re becoming, and your greatest desires in life ~ starting now!

Can you Relate?

  • You look in the mirror and hardly recognize that "mature woman"?  Or maybe you can't even see your wrinkles because you can't find your reading glasses... 
  • Dating?! You haven't done that in more than two decades and don't even know how or where to start;
  • You've been isolating and lonely since your relationship ended, maybe you've relocated, and are not sure how to create a new circle of friends;
  • Menopause has been rough. You wonder if it's possible to get your libido back?
  • You stare into your closet and realize nothing appeals to you. You're so ready to makeover your style - and your lifestyle!
  • Your life has revolved around your children and now they're on their own. Who are you without being "Mommy"? 

If you're somewhere between 45 and 75, you're considered to be in midlife. It's daunting to consider that our youth is behind us. No longer are we raising children.

Gone is the maiden. We are peri or post menopausal women with bodies that don't feel as lithe and young as we figured we'd always be...

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Irresistible Life Design for Women Starting Over in Midlife


"Getting old ain't for sissies" said Bette Davis, the actress. The good news is, midlife encompasses the mid 40's to mid 70's, which means good chance you have lots of life ahead of you - so it's up to you to decide how to craft an irresistible life!


Midlife Navigation

Our lives are full of transitions starting with our birth. Most are postiive, with a slant toward the future. Developing into toddlers who learn to walk, children who go to school, play sports, learn about social structures, adolescence, young adulthood, leaving home, adulthood including marriage, raising families...and then there's middle-escence as it's been called.

And the transitions become more challenging. Divorce, changing career, empty nest...It can be a lonely and bewildering time.





Audit and Integrate Your Past 

Your divorce is final, or your children left home, or perhaps your beloved partner passed a few years back. But are you ready to move on? Most of us feel hindered by the memories of our past, finding it challenging to re-imagine a new life as we start over in midlife. Karina's 7 Step Completion Process is guaranteed to clear your slate, making it easier for you to navigate midlife, as  you design your irresistible future as a new version of you .


Our Bodies in Midlife

Let's face it. Even though some of us hear "you don't look or act 50 or 60 something..." we have been on the planet for that long. Despite not looking or feeling our age, our body is aging. Menopause, hormone imbalances, arthritis, skin and teeth needing more attention...aging can get expensive! And, there are steps we can take to at least slow down the process for ourselves.


Clarity is Key!

How to Get Through the Messy Middle

When you've taken the time to delve in and feel complete with your past, it's time to design It's important to set aside time to dive into clarifying and designing the life you wish to have.


Deliberate Life Redesign

How to start fresh and put the pieces's way simpler with your tribe!


What's Next

Purpose Legacy, retirement, making a difference

I'd love to connect with you.

I recently celebrated my 68th birthday. And no matter how I look at that number, it rounds up to 70. Me? 70? I admit I don't feel like I've met all my professional, goals or even almost completed my bucket list, has been a huge wakeup call to ask myself, and now you, "If not now, when?" Sincerely. I know how even an amicable divorce like mine was, can blow up life as we've known it. And I know I could not have made it through those few ensuing years without the support of mentors and my tribe of women.

Empathy is powerful medicine, and being with a circle of women who "get it" is important. I invite you to jump on a call so we can focus on where you are now, where you'd like to be, and determine how I might support you in bridging the gap, resulting in you having a life better than you can imagine!

For over two decades I've been coaching individuals as well as leading seminars, workshops, and facilitating group programs. I continue to offer one on one coaching, and, I'm excited to launch  my new group Proven Ways to Be a carefully curated group of women over 50, . 

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After Working together you'll...

  • Have done the work to leave your past in the past, and be ready to design your future.
  • Clarify what you desire in all aspects of your life moving forward including your intimate relationships
  • The A.R.T. Full™ and deliberate communication skillsets will empower you to navigate all your relationships, both personal and professional moving forward.

Let's design a life that embodies the new you!

Individual and Group Coaching Available

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