Proven Ways to Have Irresistible Relationships in Midlife


The Sexy, Sassy, & Starting Over System™ 



Is it even possible to feel happy, turned on, and excited about what's next?

  • Do you long to attract a lasting and delicious relationship?   
  • Are you concerned that menopause has taken away your libido forever?
  • Are you thinking about dating yet have no idea where or how to start? 
  • Ready to discover the kinds of pleasure you've barely been willing to even dream of having?
  • Or maybe you're ready to completely transform the way you feel about your body, your sexuality, and how you would like your next relationship to look and feel… while having a ton of fun?  
  • Maybe you’ve been married for decades and are looking to spice things up in the bedroom?
  • Or perhaps you’re still recovering from your divorce, or the loss of a loved one, and you feel tender, lonely, and wondering how to move forward.
  • Have you relocated and don't have your family or old friends close by?

If you resonate with any of the above, then I've got you covered!

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The Sexy, Sassy, & Starting Over System™

90 Days to Becoming an irresistible Partner 

This a safe and confidential container where you can allow even your hidden desires to be heard and brought into reality.

Whether you are single, divorced, or widowed, creating a new, irresistible relationship -  especially in midlife - can be daunting. 


Having a tribe and a mentor is the key to helping you move on and make healthy choices  - without feeling alone!


Your Path To Becoming an Irresistible Partner


Free yourself from past relationships


Just because your divorce is final, or your beloved partner passed a few years back, doesn't mean you feel ready to move on. This 7 Step Process is guaranteed to clear the slate of the painful memories, save the pleasurable one, and make room for you to design your irresistible future.



Your pleasure is your responsibility


Clarify Your Desires from the boardroom to the bedroom!


 How are your loved ones going to know what you desire if YOU don't even know?

There are no right or wrongs, just an opportunity to be honest with yourself as never before. What are your absolute non-negotiables ? Your deal breakers? Your preferences?   

No more settling!


Communicate powerfully to get what you desire


Key communication Skillsets make all the difference!


Good communication is the foundation of all relationships, both personal and professional. Whether it’s deciding major life choices like having children, buying a home, or starting a business, being able to communicate effectively is essential.

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Deep, Intimate Relationships are Possible in Midlife

Whether you're in a committed partnership and feel bored, or are yearning to find the love of your life, it's possible to have deeper connections than you've ever had. It starts with loving yourself, and showing up in your fulness. 












Style Makeover

Everything You Need to Transform from the Inside Out

Feeling confident that you look your  your absolute best from your hairstye and makeup, down to your shoes and accessories, contributes to the confidence you feel and exude to others,

It’s common knowledge that one doesn’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Before you even say a word, how you physically present yourself in the world communicates a lot about you.   

Perhaps you’ve divorced and find yourself dating for the first time in decades. Or you’re figuring out who you are and how to adjust your lifestyle now that your kids have left home. Maybe you’ve been married for decades and are looking to spice things up. Or you’ve recovered from a health crisis and find yourself healthy, tender, and wondering how to move forward. Have you relocated? Gone through menopause? Lost a loved one?

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Create Your Rockstar Dating Profile

Time to filter out those not worthy of you!

Dating in midlife is daunting on a good day! Once you've clarified your non-negotiables and your deal breakers, it's time to set aside your doubts and re-imagine the relationship you desire.  We'll decide if online dating is right for, and choose the most appropriate app/s. Together we'll create a powerful online profile that truly represents who you are NOW. You'll have the he right combination of photos, and will learn how to best discern  whom you think might be worthy of a right swipe or conversation. What are the green and red flags to watch for?



Having a guide is just the key to moving on and making healthy choices without feeling alone!


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After Working together you'll:

  • Feel transformed & prepared to attract a new, fulfilling partnership
  • Have total clarity about what you desire in future intimate relationships without ever settling again
  • You'll know how to recognize both the green and red flags upon first meeting someone
  • You'll be able to swiftly identify if a potential partner is worthy of your time and attention
  •  Feel supported by a seasoned mentor who knows the dating scene inside out
  • You'll never settle again!

What Clients Are saying

Stan Snow, Executive Director


This is a shout out to Karina J. SolomonI who came into my life just after an extremely challenging break up. Although the relationship was over, I was so not over it, but rather felt hung up, stuck. I was consumed by the "woulda, shoulda, and coulda's" and unable to move on.

Karina's 7 Step Completion Process provided a powerful template for me to take an honest inventory about what worked, what did NOT work, and how my choices throughout the relationship were not all that healthy. In other words, I'd overlooked what I can now see were early warning signs that we were not compatible.

After I'd "completed" that relationship I truly felt like I had a clean slate to move forward. Karina then assisted me in carrying my list of must haves, my deal breakers, as well as making the distinction between what is a preference of mine vs. my non-negotiable. For instance, I used to be attracted to certain physical attributes in women. I now realize that wonderful, attractive potential female partners don't necessarily meet those parameters! This distinction alone has opened up the dating possibilities for me!

I'd recommend Karina to anyone ready to stop settling in their relationships. Karina has integrity, a wide breadth of knowledge about relationships, the key differences between men and women,  and the communication skillsets that make a real difference . She’s direct, incisive, and her sense of humor helped me to hear even the most confronting stuff! 

Heidi and Paul

When my husband and I first got together ten years ago, I had two teenagers that weren't happy about him. They were very disrespectful, making things difficult for me, and for our relationship. Karina taught us several communication tools that helped us immeasurably as a new blended family.

Now my kids are thriving on their own and we continue to use the tools Karina taught us which serve us to endlessly deepen our relationship. So grateful!

Ann Butterfield, RN, BSN

I am a 51 year old business woman from San Diego. Having been married and divorced twice, I wanted to be empowered to make better choices for myself. Through the coaching I received from Karína I have attracted a wonderful man. Karína is down-to-earth, nonjudgmental yet powerful and full of love and wisdom. I've used Karína’s A.R.T.Full™ Communication tool to help me make requests without being demanding or threatening. At one point when my man and I were snuggling, I wasn’t thrilled with how softly he was touching me, as it tickled. Rather than saying what I didn’t like or being directive about how he should do it differently, I told him I Appreciated him wanting me to feel good. Then I Requested for him to please touch me with more pressure as it turned me on…then I Thanked him. Definitely a win-win for both of us!

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