Do you look in your closet and...

  • Feel immediate overwhelm by how messy and overstuffed it is?
  • Yet you can't find anything to wear?
  • You're in a whole new part of life, yet your clothing looks and feels old?
  • Have no idea how to put outfits together that you feel reflect the new version of you emerging in midlife?
  • See items that remind you of a previous version of yourself that you're ready to leave behind?
  • Wish you could close your eyes, reach your hand in and magically find the perfect outfit for whatever event you're about to attend?

Then I've got your back!

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"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

                                                ~ Rachel Zoe

You want your style to be cohesive, consistent, & congruent!


How's your style now?

Your closet might be full, yet it includes items that are ill-fitting, not your best style and/or color, which can be frustrating and prevent you from looking and feeling your best.

Karina's carefully curated preparatory workbook is the perfect template to help you define your new looks and styles congruent with the new version of you after midlife transition. 


Detoxing your closet ---> Enticing closet!

It's time to let go of anything that no longer feels congruent to your emerging self. It's time to do the pile method:

The keep pile, the consignment pile, donate pile, the trash pile.

The result will be a well organized closet filled with only items you love. And, you'll have a comprehensive shopping list for the right colors, fabrics, and design of clothing, shoes, and accessories to best define the new you.


Let's Go Shopping

Upon completion of your closet audit and with current style assessment in hand, it's time to go shopping. Together you and Karina will review your lists and come up with a plan based on your immediate wardrobe needs, and your spending capability.

Online - You and Karina work together over Zoom and email.

In Person - You come to Karina or she'll head to you, and together you'll shop.

Note: Karina has a super power for great find in consignment boutiques!


Looking put together without trying

ryOnce you are satisfied that enough of your list is fulfilled, it's time to reconvene in your closet and boudoir to put everything together.

Whether meeting in person or online, we'll put together outfits, make note of what's still needed, and take photos to help you recreate the ensembles with ease.


Radiant health and vitality

It's all about your confidence!

People with confidence radiate health and vitality. They take responsibility for themselves in all aspects of their lives, both personal and professional.And confident people do not become defensive when receiving feedback or criticism. They listen to feedback and use it to evaluate their performance.


Create your capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a great solution if you’re looking to simplify your life by streamlining your wardrobe - especially when it comes to packing for a trip.  A capsule consists of a collection of clothing and accessories that can all mix and match to make several different outfits. It’s built around a color palette, and all those pieces coordinate. 

Let’s jump on a call to determine if this is a timely option for you.  


If you don't feel like your style and wardrobe accurately represents who you are now, then you're invited to treat yourself to a midlife makeover!

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After Working together you'll...

  • Feel delighted every time you open your closet and find only clothing you love, and that you know showcases your best features...
  • You'll feel more confident, easily making eye contact when you connect with people...
  • You'll walk into a room knowing you're looking your best, which enhances your confidence...
  • You'll feel attractive and optimistic about the possibility of starting a new, fulfilling relationship in midlife...
  • And overall you'll realize how worthy you are to have the life you desire and deserve!

What Clients Are saying

MarRem, ADHD Expert

Elevate Your Style, Elevate Your Success!

During the pandemic, like many, I found myself comfortably clad in sweats while working from home. However, as the world began to open up again, I realized my wardrobe was not reflecting the successful professional I was becoming. That's when I discovered Karina and her transformative preparatory workbook.

Karina's guidance provided the structure I needed to curate a wardrobe that truly resonated with my goals and aspirations. From sorting through my closet to crafting personalized shopping lists, Karina's expertise was invaluable every step of the way.

Navigating consignment stores with Karina was an eye-opening experience. Her efficiency in piecing together outfits tailored to my style was remarkable, all while providing insightful tips on fabric combinations and styling techniques.

Not only did Karina save me thousands of dollars compared to retail prices, but she also empowered me with a diverse array of outfits that have boosted my confidence. Now, networking, attending conferences, and even social media engagements feel effortless, knowing that my wardrobe exudes professionalism and sophistication.

Thanks to Karina, I not only look put together but also feel like the successful professional I aspire to be. Trust Karina to transform your closet and elevate your confidence today! 



Eric Brewer

Professor, UC Berkeley, and Founder of Inktomi Corporation

"When I got invited to the Oval Office, I knew I had to enter with confidence. I wanted a look that was respectful but not stodgy and that really reflected what I'm about.  Karina made it happen."



Helene Z. Cosmetologist, investor

I went to a party last night and knew I was the best-dressed person there!  I don’t think that would have been true before working with Karina.  It’s really making a difference! I am more conscious about what I’m wearing and it feels great to know I look better. Karina educated me about how to shop and put together ensembles in ways that best support who I am and what I’m up to. She also assisted me in packing for my trip to Europe.  I never would’ve been able to know what to take and what would fit into the small amount of luggage I allotted myself.  Karina, thank you. You do such good work, and it’s been fun getting to know you!

Ready to Uplevel Your Style?

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